Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sammy outfit free add-on

Poser freebie - Sammy outfit add-on!
He is so cute in this outfit.
This freebie add-on by Elsina has 4 complete outfits and one extra sweater, so 4 caps, 4 pair of shoes, 4 pants and 5 sweaters to mix and match. Get Sammy in his playclothes, for play and school or dress him up nice to visit Grandma on sunday! I love the argyle vest-over-shirt on the tartan pants!

Textures, matching bumpmaps and matposes, zipformat, for Poser 5 and up.

You need Poser (I didn't test it in Daz studio but my guess it they work) and my Sammy outfit for this to work!

Get the original outfit here for only $6.99!

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Elsina said...

My website was closed over a year ago. You should still be able to find a download link here: